Speaking Requests

Our purpose is to spread the fame of Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to help churches and individuals to study the good news of the glory of the happy God (1 Tim. 1:11) so that Christ is treasured above all things personally, for the glory of God corporately, and the joy of all peoples globally.


It would be our joy to serve and partner with you.

Expository Sermons from Old Testament or New Testament books


Exegetical Studies in the New Testament (Acts, 1 Peter, or Colossians)


Exegetical Studies in the Old Testament (Habakkuk, Jonah, or Ruth) 

The Spirit of Evangelism & Missions


Overheard Exultation: The Pursuit of Joy in Evangelism


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement


Let Your Neighbors Be Glad: An Introduction to Missional Living


God's Global Glory and the Unfinished Task


Engaging Islam

I Will Send a Helper: A Reformed Doctrine of the Holy Spirit


Theological Foundations: Essentials of Systematic Theology I & II


Westminster Confession


Predestination and the Sovereignty of God


The End from the Beginning: Christ-Centered Eschatology


The Legacy of Sovereign Grace: An Introduction to Reformed Theology

Unfolding God's Word: How to Study the Bible


Desiring God: The Pursuit of Joy in Life


Battling Unbelief: Defeating Sin with Superior Pleasure


Let Your Kingdom Come: Learning to Commune with God in Prayer


Future Grace: The Pursuit of Holiness in Life


Hunger for God: Desiring God Through Fasting and Prayer

Elijah is Available for:

 1. Preaching and teaching
 2. Evangelism and discipleship
 3. Biblical Training  
 4. Personal Prayer 
 5. Personal Edification  
 6. Pastoral coaching
 7. Missionary Care
 8. Mentorship and leadership             development
 9. Writing projects

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